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  • Nathan Ellis-Brown

Thank You for Giving Big!

Henry McGee, Jr. with his GiveBig donation. Henry is a LIHI Board- member and is Professor Emeritus at Seattle University School of Law.

Dear LIHI Champions,

You are amazing! Between donations made directly to LIHI and through the GiveBig website, plus fully leveraging the $30,000 matching gift from the Wyncote Foundation NW, you raised nearly $100,000 for Tiny Houses and Urban Rest Stops!

We are so grateful to you for helping provide our homeless neighbors the shelter and services they need.

Forgot to give? It’s not too late!

You can still GiveBIG: Donate online direct to LIHI. Mail a check to: LIHI Fund Dev. 1253 S. Jackson St. Seattle, WA 98144 (checks = no credit card fees taken out of donation) Donate through GiveBIG site through midnight on May 10th.

Thank You!

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