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Salmon Bay Village to open in Interbay

The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) is establishing a new village in Interbay at 3435 15th Ave. W., just south of the Ballard Bridge. Salmon Bay Village will provide a combination of tiny houses (micro shelters) and safe parking for people living in recreational vehicles (RVs). The village will serve approximately 40-50 people and will operate as a safe and supportive short-term shelter option for our unhoused neighbors.

Salmon Bay Village will provide shelter to vulnerable and elderly RV residents. LIHI case managers will help them make a transition to permanent housing. With the assistance of on-site case management staff, all program participants will receive help with housing applications, employment support, healthcare resources, and other supportive services.

“The goal of Salmon Bay Village is to enable vehicle residents to leave their deteriorating and unsafe RVs and to make a successful move into permanent housing,” said Sharon Lee, LIHI Executive Director. “We are grateful to Mayor Harrell and the Seattle City Council for approving $1.9 million in the city’s budget to implement an innovative solution for people experiencing homelessness.” These funds are allocated for set-up costs, operations and services.

Salmon Bay Village will consist of 10 heated and insulated tiny houses (8'x12'), along with case manager offices, a community kitchen, hygiene facilities, and a laundry room. The site will accommodate up to 30 RVs. A fence will surround the village to ensure privacy and security for program participants. Homeless outreach workers report that tiny houses are the most sought-after shelter option requested by people living in RVs. People who are living in unsafe RVs will be able to stay in the tiny houses.

LIHI staff will be available on-site 24/7 to manage operations, ensure safety, and provide necessary services. As part of maintaining a safe and productive environment, all program participants adhere to a code of conduct. This code of conduct outlines the expected behavior and standards that must be followed.

At Salmon Bay Village LIHI will establish a Community Advisory Council (CAC) consisting of local residents, business owners, faith leaders, and community representatives to meet monthly and provide community input and oversight. These meetings will be open to the public. Additionally, there will be various opportunities for community members to volunteer, donate, help prepare meals, and welcome new neighbors to Salmon Bay Village.

A community meeting is planned for May 25 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm to provide information about Salmon Bay Village. The meeting will be held at the Magnolia United Church of Christ, 3555 W. McGraw St., Seattle.

The Salmon Bay Village site is largely vacant. Most recently it held a coffee stand and a food truck. Years ago, it was used as a car wash.

The Low Income Housing Institute is a nonprofit housing organization committed to providing affordable housing for families and individuals in need. LIHI has a portfolio of over 3,400 affordable apartments. LIHI sponsors 11 tiny house villages in Seattle, including the nearby Interbay Village. LIHI operates the Ballard Urban Rest Stop, a facility that provides essential hygiene services and support to those in need.

For more information about the upcoming community meeting, please feel free to reach out to Josh Castle via email at or by phone at (206) 334-0508.

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