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Mayor Announces Opening of New 24/7 Shelter

The following was issued by the City of Seattle, Human Services Department, Director of External Affairs on April 21, 2020

Announcing Opening of 24/7 Enhanced Shelter in Bitterlake – Lakefront Community House

The City of Seattle’s Human Services Department (HSD) and the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) today announced the opening of a new, 24/7 enhanced shelter in the Bitterlake neighborhood. The shelter has been named the Lakefront Community House. This new shelter was announced in March by Mayor Jenny Durkan and opened within weeks following the announcement, highlighting the urgency with which the City and its partner, LIHI, is working to add new shelter capacity during the COVID-19 crisis. The City’s Navigation Team will coordinate referrals to Lakefront Community House and will work with LIHI to identify and connect vulnerable people experiencing homelessness to this shelter that are high-risk of exposure to COVID-19.

This announcement builds on last week’s opening of T.C. Spirit Village, which is a new tiny house village in the Central District, and the expansion of the Lake Union tiny house village. To learn more about the City’s efforts to shelter Seattle’s most vulnerable communities, watch this video.

The Lakefront Community House will support up to 50 people and will provide access to hygiene services and case management throughout and beyond the COVID-19 crisis for individuals experiencing homelessness. LIHI will operate and manage the shelter. This project was under consideration prior to the public health crisis and was opened ahead of schedule under the Mayor’s emergency powers. Typically, the siting, development, and opening of an enhanced shelter take several months to complete.

Located at 600 N130th St in North Seattle, the shelter building is owned by LIHI and has 28 units that can shelter up to 50 people. There are shared restrooms and showers on each floor, common areas, a kitchen cafeteria, laundry, and outdoor spaces. Each room could be used as double or more occupancy, but will likely be used as single occupancy during the COVID-19 crisis. LIHI will provide housing case management.

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON), HSD, and LIHI have and will continue to engage neighborhood stakeholders, including the nearby Seattle Housing Authority program, to ensure community has the opportunity to partner with LIHI and the City to support the long-term success of the Lakefront Community House.


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