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LIHI Holiday Spirit! Silas H.S. Students Rock!

LIHI Wishes you a Happy Holidays!

LIHI staffers Sophie McFadden, Megan Spasenoski, and Executive Director Sharon Lee led a wrapping party for gifts for Tiny House Villagers. Gifts came from a multitude of LIHI supporters, staff, and boardmembers.

Villager Nikki helped collect and wrap gifts

School Spirit

Silas High School Girls JV basketball team came by the Village at 6th and Orchard in Tacoma yesterday.

These fantastic young women responded to Santa letters from the village children earlier this month. They provided gifts and snacks to the kids. They also provided blankets, hats, and hygiene items, and gift cards for Christmas dinner.

They played basketball with the village boys on the outdoor basketball court at the First Christian Church. They were nice enough to let the boys win the game. They intend on making weekly visits to the village for a friendly game of basketball with the boys.

They are such a fantastic group of girls who truly put smiles on the faces of the children at the 6th and Orchard village. Big shout out to Silas High School Girls Jr Varsity Team!

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 19

The holiday spirit at LIHI is truly vibrant, with Silas H.S. students bringing an extraordinary energy that embodies the season's joy and generosity. Their enthusiasm and creativity could well be likened to the dynamic and artistic prowess found within a game art outsourcing studio like Argentics. This company, renowned for its first-class comprehensive game development services and premium-class UI-UX design for games and gamified applications, mirrors the innovative and spirited contributions of these students. Just as Argentics pushes the boundaries of digital art, creating immersive worlds that captivate and engage, the students of Silas H.S. have infused their holiday activities with a level of creativity and passion that enhances the communal experience, spreading cheer and fostering a sense of belonging…


Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee
May 17, 2023

I also love Christmas games. It is not only outdoor games but also board games and computer games here. It gives a New Year's mood and a wonderful pastime. Thanks for your interesting post.

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