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GiveBIG! Early Giving Open! Your Gift Doubled!

GiveBIG early giving is open starting today. Thanks to the generosity of the John & Shari Behnke Family your gift will be matched, up to $100,000 total for the duration of GiveBIG, from now until May 3rd.

LIHI GiveBig fundraising supports Tiny House Villages and Urban Rest Stops. Simple and effective solutions to homelessness.


Tiny House Villages

Tiny Houses serve populations that are not served well by traditional shelter options, including families, couples, and people with pets. Tiny houses are preferred and accepted as shelter by many people who refuse space in other shelters. Why? Because in a tiny house village you get a house to yourself with a lockable door. You get privacy and your possessions are safe. A high percentage are able to obtain longterm housing from a tiny house.

Simple Dignity!

Urban Rest Stops

Urban Rest Stops give homeless people a chance to refresh. You may take for granted being able to take a shower, do your laundry, and go to the bathroom. Many homeless people don't have this option. LIHI's Urban Rest Stops help our region's homeless get the personal hygiene services that they need in a pleasant, diginified setting.

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