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Announcing Henderson Tiny House Village

Yesterday we moved in tiny houses to start a new village. LIHI is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of Henderson Village in the Rainier Beach neighborhood at 4827 S. Henderson St. This tiny house village will provide shelter, safety, community, and a path to permanent housing for approximately 40 people, including families with children, who are currently experiencing homelessness. LIHI will manage Henderson Village as a enhanced 24/7 shelter with operations staff and on-site case management that will help clients obtain permanent housing, employment, health care, child care, education and other supportive services. The village will be fenced and will consist of 43 heated and insulated tiny houses (8'x12'), along with case manager offices, a community kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry facilities. Henderson Village will have a Community Advisory Council (CAC) consisting of neighbors, local businesses, faith leaders,and community representatives and will meet monthly to provide community input and oversight. These meetings will be open to the public. Additionally, there will be opportunities for community members to volunteer, furnish, paint and decorate the tiny houses, donate hygiene supplies, prepare meals, and welcome new neighbors at Henderson Village. Click to learn about volunteering with LIHI. LIHI is partnering with our neighbor, the Rainier Valley Food Bank (RVFB). Ten of the tiny houses will serve as RVFB staff offices for an interim period while the food bank is renovating their facility across the street. RVFB will partner with LIHI to provide food and nutritional resources for villagers. Families and individuals will be referred from a variety of local community organizations, including many referrals from the Rainier Beach and surrounding neighborhoods. Henderson Village will replace the tiny house shelter capacity of Othello Village, which will be closing to make way for LIHI's development of 148 units of affordable housing and an early learning center operated by Refugee Women's Alliance.

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Douglenis Villalobos
Douglenis Villalobos
Jun 28

Que debo hacer para vivien en una de estas casas

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