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Rosie's Village

1000 NE 45th St., Seattle, WA 98105
Rosie's Village

The Story

Named for the adjacent street, Roosevelt Way, Rosie’s Village in the U-district features 35 tiny houses which provide safe and supported enhanced shelter for up to 65 people. Referrals come in through the City of Seattle’s HOPE Team.

“The University District, like many neighborhoods across Seattle, has seen an increase in visible homelessness. It was important to me as the representative of this district to ensure much needed shelter spaces so we can bring folks inside, into safer places, and get them the services they need to get securely housed. Thank you to Sound Transit for their collaboration on this project, and to the neighborhood who has advocated for more homeless services and support in the University District.” - Alex Pederson, Seattle City Council Member


35 Tiny Houses


October 2021

(206) 376-7036



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