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New Tiny House Village Coming to Maple Leaf

Lake Union Village in South Lake Union will close at year’s end

8531 Lake City Way NE, site for Maple Village, is a privately owned and most recently held a car dealership

(Seattle, WA) The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) is establishing a new tiny house village in Seattle’s Maple Leaf neighborhood located at 8531 Lake City Way NE. Maple Leaf Village will serve approximately 45-50 people and provide a stepping stone to permanent housing for our unhoused neighbors in Maple Leaf and the surrounding community. It will replace shelter capacity at Lake Union Village in South Lake Union, which will close at year’s end due to the sale of its city-owned site.

Maple Leaf Village is an enhanced shelter and will provide community and safety for singles, couples, and people with pets experiencing homelessness. LIHI is partnering with Lifelong to provide on-site case managers and behavioral specialists. They will help villagers make a transition to permanent housing. All program participants will receive assistance with housing applications, employment search, healthcare referrals, behavioral health and other supportive services.

“With winter coming, insulated and heated tiny houses are a proven temporary shelter solution for vulnerable people including homeless women, seniors and people in frail health. The village with be staffed 24/7 and protect people who would otherwise be living on their own in cold, wet tents,” said Sharon Lee, LIHI Executive Director. “We are grateful to the City of Seattle for funding this valuable resource. Tiny houses save lives.”

Maple Leaf Village will consist of 43 heated and insulated tiny houses (8'x12'), along with case manager offices, a community kitchen, hygiene facilities, and a laundry room. A screened fence will surround the village to ensure privacy and security for program participants. A security pavilion will be located at the entrance. LIHI staff will be on-site 24/7 to manage operations, ensure safety, and provide necessary services. As part of maintaining a safe and productive environment, all program participants adhere to a code of conduct. This code of conduct outlines the expected behavior and standards that must be followed.

Maple Leaf Village will establish a Community Advisory Council (CAC) consisting of local residents, business owners, faith leaders, and community representatives to meet monthly and provide community input and oversight. These meetings will be open to the public. Additionally, there will be various opportunities for community members to volunteer, donate, help prepare meals, and welcome new neighbors to Maple Leaf Village.

A community meeting is planned for June 29 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm to provide information and answer questions about Maple Leaf Village. The meeting will be held at the Faith Lutheran Church at 8208 18th Ave NE in Seattle.

The Low Income Housing Institute is a nonprofit housing organization committed to providing affordable housing for families and individuals in need. LIHI has a portfolio of over 3,400 affordable apartments, including housing in Lake City, Meadowbrook, Maple Leaf, Greenwood, Bryant, and U District. Our 50-unit Meadowbrook View Apartments is located at 11032 Lake City Way NE. LIHI also operates 11 tiny house villages in Seattle and two Urban Rest Stop hygiene centers. Go to:

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Tricia Sills
Tricia Sills
Jun 28, 2023

YOU have NOT announced this new village in Maple Leaf to the existing residents!!!!!!! I am aware because I live near by and walk my dog regularly in the neighborhood were I stumbled upon a flyer taped to a pole. It was NOT there prior to this past Sunday night the 25th, ( I am fairly certain your organization DID NOT post it). yet your "community meeting is scheduled for Thur night the 29th at 6:00! Who do you think will attend if neighbors are unaware?! Is your organization willing to assure the surrounding established neighbors and businesses "safety" from unlawful actions by villagers and or their friends? After all, I am a law abiding citizen who is P…

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