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Recent Black History - Black Lives Matter in the Central Area & Central Area Plan to Honor the Life of George Floyd

Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffrey Sr. and other pastors and leaders gathered in June 2020 to call for housing justice in the Central Area where Black residents have been steadily displaced by gentrification. The Black population of the Central Area is now less than 7%, the lowest its been since the 60's.

In the aftermath of George Floyd's murder on May 25, 2020, African American pastors and supporters in Seattle called for the Seattle Mayor and City Council to take action as Black Lives Matter in the Central Area. At a press event at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church the pastors demanded city leaders to address the two pandemics facing the community: the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of African Americans and the pandemic of racism that killed George Floyd and other black men and women. 

Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffrey Sr. of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church at press event addressed the displacement of Blacks from the Central Area, the high rate of homelessness, and Black Lives Matter. 

Read this June 2, 2020, letter signed by Reverands Robert Jeffrey, Lawrence Willis and Willie Seals:

"It has been eight days since George Floyd was murdered. We hope you will take bold steps to honor the rights of African Americans......." 

Pastor Lawrence Willis with Aisaya Corbray, City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, Pastor Angela Ying and Pastor Carey Anderson 

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