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LIHI helping asylum seekers

Families living in tents at Powell Barnett Park

LIHI has been advocating for and helping asylum seekers* since they began to congregate at Riverton Park United Methodist Church where LIHI operates a tiny house village in partnership with the church. Over 600 asylees have passed through the church encampment site. Most of the asylum-seekers are from Venezuela, Angola and Congo, fleeing violence and conflict in their homeland.

*An asylum-seeker is a person who has left their country and is seeking protection from persecution, but who hasn’t yet been legally recognized as a refugee. The process requires them to apply and receive a decision on their asylum claim.

The church eventually reached its physical capacity for taking in more refugees, so LIHI began to utilize its new and existing properties to temporarily shelter refugees. In partnership with ReWA, Pastor Jan of the Riverton Park United Methodist Church, and Great Expectations, we secured a $750,000 grant from King County to provide shelter, housing and services.

LIHI was able to respond quickly to the crisis of asylum families with small children sleeping outside. LIHI undertook the following action steps: 

  • Quickly moved 17 asylum households with 43 people into John Fox Place in North Seattle. King County funds will help pay for 6 months rent and LIHI will need to raise the rest to cover rent for 12 months. 

  • Over three days we moved close to 100 people, including over 60 children, from the Powell Barnett Park in Seattle's Central Area to a hotel. King County funds will cover an emergency 30-day stay and LIHI will raise more funds to extend their stay.

  • We are providing 10 units at the newly constructed Good Shepherd House in the Central Area to provide permanent housing to asylum seekers. We are seeking help in furnishing these apartments (see below). 

  • LIHI has set-aside 10 tiny houses at Henderson Village for families. 

Donate to help house asylum seekers

Donate by credit card and select "asylum seekers" for the donation category.

Or mail a check (put "asylum seekers" in the memo line) to:

LIHI Fund Dev

1253 S. Jackson St. Suite A

Seattle, WA 98144

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