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  • Nathan Ellis-Brown

GiveBIG with Tiny Houses

Tiny House Villages The best shelter for a pandemic Separate living spaces with onsite showers and hygiene supplies keep our homeless neighbors safe, clean, and warm. GiveBIG to build more.

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Jul 15

Greetings, fellow clean enthusiasts! Let's have a chinwag about keeping our castles sparkling, shall we? Now, I've been in the cleaning game since dirt was young, and let me tell you, it's all about strategy. Think of your home like a battlefield - you've got to outsmart the enemy (that's dirt and clutter, in case you were wondering). First up, adopt the "one in, one out" rule. For every new item that marches into your home, send one packing. It's like playing musical chairs with your stuff! Next, embrace the power of multitasking. Waiting for your tea to brew? Wipe down the kitchen counter. Commercial break during your favorite show? Quick dust of the coffee table. It's like sneaking veggies…


Unknown member
Dec 26, 2022

Building Inspection is a mandatory procedure before buying any property. An intelligent inspector will help save thousands of dollars and a huge amount of time to correct the shortcomings that will definitely be revealed.

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