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Frye Hotel Receives Historic Preservation Award

Historic Seattle recently announced its 2022 Preservation Award winners. The Frye Apartments received the Outstanding Stewardship Award, recognizing the major renovation of the building in 2020/21.

“Affordable housing is the key to a livable city, and many historic buildings across Seattle serve this purpose. Over three decades, the Low Income Housing Institute has invested significantly in the Frye Hotel, which opened in 1911 and now provides affordable homes to 234 families and individuals who might otherwise be priced out of our city or displaced. We are thrilled to recognize LIHI’s vital work with our Outstanding Stewardship Award.” – Kji Kelly, Executive Director, Historic Seattle

“LIHI is thrilled to be recognized for its stewardship of the Frye. It has been an honor to have given this gem a new lease on life with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems overhaul, as well as a new insulated roof and extensive exterior renovation. This beautiful structure has sheltered people in style for over 100 years, and we look forward to providing homes there for 100 more.” – Sharon Lee, Executive Director, LIHI

Frye Hotel & Smith Tower, 1913

Frye Hotel lobby 1948

Frye Hotel guest room 1923

LIHI's Jill Davies, who coordinated the Frye's renovation, and Brad Reuling posing with the Frye's cornice, which was restored and preserved

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