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AWS Village Fund 2023


Amazon Web Services volunteers have entered into an exciting partnership with LIHI to help our region's homeless program participants to build tiny houses and create new tiny house villages.  As an AWS employee you can support this effort with your hands or your wallets or both.

To volunteer, please coordinate with your appropriate internal AWS contact, and also notify our AWS Seattle Volunteer Coordinator at LIHI, Megan Spasenoski:   Megan coordinates with AWS on scheduling Team Offsites or lining individuals up to AWS volunteer  construction days.

To donate, please visit the donation page:
AWS Supports Tiny Houses!

Tiny House Village Program Overview

In partnership with the Cities of Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Skyway, Tukwila, and Bellingham, and with faith communities and building trade organizations throughout the State of Washington, the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) is one of the largest providers of tiny house village shelters in the nation, ensuring that people’s experience in homelessness is as safe, dignified, and brief as possible.

Tiny houses offer tremendous benefits over tents – they are safe, weatherproof, and lockable – and the communities that we help build allow program particpants to reclaim their dignity and get on a path to housing in a supportive village environment.  Tiny House villages serve populations not well served by traditional shelters:  families, couples, people with pets, and people averse to sheltering in the same room as others.

Each tiny house has electricity, overhead light, and a heater.  Each tiny house village has kitchen and restroom facilities, onsite showers and laundry, a counseling office, and a welcome/security hut where donations of food, clothing, and hygiene items can be dropped off.

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