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ANEW X LIHI X WA Department of Commerce Grant

It has been nearly a decade since LIHI, ANEW, and various other pre-apprenticeship and training program partners first started building the first tiny houses and training students to help address the crisis of unsheltered homelessness in Seattle, WA. 

Now, in 2022, LIHI and ANEW have come together to formalize this long history of collaboration and better support the vast ecosystem of training programs across the region that are building tiny houses, and to support the students that are enrolled in those programs. With the generous support and vision of the WA Department of Commerce, LIHI has secured funding through 2023 to support training programs with the following expenses:

  1. Training programs are able to receive materials from LIHI at no cost to them, with the tiny house going to serve homeless individuals in a LIHI-affiliated tiny house village program. 

  2. Training programs are able to receive stipends for students that work on tiny house construction. Max stipend amounts are at $1,300.00 and vary per student depending on the number of students involved. 

  3. Training programs will be recognized as an affiliate partner in the largest volunteer tiny house construction initiative in State history, supporting an innovative model of shelter that has it's grassroots right here in the Pacific Northwest. 

For more information about this partnership, please contact Melinda Nichols at

For more information about our partners at ANEW, please view their website at

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